Tropicana Lime Mermaid’s tail with new technology effect 3D

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 Model: Sea Queen Tropicana Lime.
Seria 2015-2016.
New colors and technology effect 3D.
There are sizes for children and adults.
Your desire to be the most beautiful mermaid will be turned.
Swimsuit and monofin are included!
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Product Description


We present you absolutely unique Mermaid’s tail with 3D holographic effect made by Delphina company.

mermaid-tail-Tropicana-lime-with-monofin-swimming -drugoye foto more photos

mermaid-tail-Tropicana-lime-with-monofin-swimming -drugoye foto
more photos

This gorgeous and realistic tail is made of fabric:

  • It’s lightweight;
  • It has large monofin for swimming,
  • And 3D swimsuit.


Realistic 3D effect Mermaid’s tail for swimming is created to conquer everyone.


Each scale was carefully traced by our designer and transferred to the fabric the way it seems you wear real silicon tail with prominent scales. Each scale has unique uncommon shape with pattern applied inside each one.


The front side of the 3D tail


The front of the center is easily clarified and becomes brighter on the sides. Also you may see 2 pairs of fins – top and bottom. These small fins seem like real fins on silicon tails.


They seem so real, total realism!


The junction from body to legs created very showingly.  Light-green scales are gradually moving into black. Then green gradually replaces black. Thus realistic prominent ribs seem to appear on the tail.


The fin is extremely beautiful with light-green and all shades of lime to several shades of pink junction, and back to light-green again.



Back side of the tail


From behind this unique Mermaid’s tail looks stunningly!


Across the back of the tail held high dorsal fin painted so realistic that the tail may be mixed up with the real silicon tail!


It’s hard to believe that it was made of fabric!


The fin is made in several colors to add realism. Junction from tail fabric to the fin is something special!


Incredibly beautiful back bottom fins will make you and your tail utterly noticeable. Very beautiful and realistic drawing of each detail!



swimsuit with rear shells Tropicana lime top

swimsuit with rear shells Tropicana lime top

kupal'nik ot khvosta rusalki tropika laym trusiki bikini swimsuit from the tail of a mermaid Tropic Lime bikini panties

swimsuit from the tail of a mermaid Tropic Lime bikini pantiesa mermaid Tropic Lime bikini panties

This admirable tail Tropicana Lime combines with very uncommon and beautiful swimsuit.


The swimsuit consists of top and panties. Each cup is a large shell decorated with flowers. The shell looks like a real prominent shell. Panties consist of  prominent scales adorned with a garland of small shells on the waist seem like real shells.



Professional monofin from the tail of a mermaid swimming

Professional monofin from the tail of a mermaid swimming

Large light monofin installed in each tail for swimming.


Monofin keeps your feet above water, helps you swim faster. Soft cuff fix your feet firmly. The fin will not rub and droop.


More advantages of this tail:

  • It is lightweight,
  • It is easy to put on and off,
  • It is much cheaper than silicon tails,

but looks so cool that you may mix it up with silicon tail on photo.


Buy Tropicana Lime Mermaids swim tail from Delphina. You’ll be guaranteed in the spotlight whenever you are.

Additional Information


Size L (15 years and older), Size M (11-15 years old), Size S (7-10 years old)


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