We are engaged in the production and sale of tails of mermaids swimming since 2012!


We can fulfill the dream of every girl

and turn it into a real mermaid from a fairy tale!

Every child must believe in miracles and know.

his most cherished dream can come true!



Our team develops each season all the new models.

 We started with the tails of mermaids without scales.IMG_1226

 Then we began to produce tails for swimming  with  patterned    scales.


Today we released a new collection of mermaid tails!

This new generation of tailings with 3d effect!


This unique design, which has not been anywhere!

Our tails of mermaids still sewn from fabric,

but they look like one to one expensive silicone tails of mermaids!

Each scale is drawn with a 3D effect.

Painted on the tail fins back and front,

Traced the relief fin.

One gets the impression of complete realism!

This new season in 2015.

We work with different countries and carry out delivery of our unique

3D tail anywhere in the world!